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Earth Resources Analytic (ERA) is a limited liability company created by its owner, Dr. Bruce Seelig, to provide consulting services as a free-lance soil scientist. The company, established in 2007, serves as a source for soil management recommendations related to a variety of natural resource issues. ERA's services are based on objective scientific inquiry. ERA has no vested interest in the agenda of any local, state, or federal institution or rules and regulations promulgated by these entities. ERA has no vested interest in the agenda of any private enterprise. Interpretations and recommendations made by ERA are solely based on the application of the principles of soil science and may or may not agree with the opinions and interpretations of other government or private entities.

I am a professional soil scientist with over 30 years of experience working with natural resource issues. In order to understand the nature and scope of services that I can provide, the term "soil scientist" probably needs further clarification. In general, the study of soil science integrates the knowledge of many scientific disciplines. There are myriad natural processes that intertwine in a complicated fashion to contribute to soil formation. Soil properties are inherited through these processes acting on five major soil formation factors (parent material, biota, topography, climate, and time). An integrated study of the principles of physics, chemistry, biology, geology, and climatology is required of soil science students. As a soil scientist, I have teamed with engineers, biologists, geologists, agronomists, and other natural resource experts to provide landuse recommendations based on soil properties. When the expertise of a soil scientist is needed, North Dakota requires by law that these consulting services only be performed by a registered professional soil scientist. This consulting service requirement for a professional soil scientist is the case in many other states. I am a registered soil scientist in North Dakota and Wisconsin.

I limit my services to those areas of soil science in which I have academic and practical experience (Please refer to the Expertise  subsection). My services are focused on the application of the principles of soil science to various aspects of natural resource projects. My experience as a soil scientist allows me to provide professional assistance with the following: 1) development of soil field investigation plans; 2) development of soil laboratory analyses plans; 3) management and review of field activities for soil data acquisition; 4) development of landuse recommendatons based on review and interpretation of soils data; 5) development of plans to meet soil standards required in pertinent rules and regulations; 6) application of scientific knowledge to the quality control of all soil investigations activities; 7) preparation and delivery of legal depositions and expert witness testimony related to soil damages; and 8) personnel training related to field activities designed to acquire soil data.

I no longer participate in day-to-day field activities; however, I do offer professional oversight for scientists and/or technicians that provide regular field services.